2022-06-07 09:21:11

Agreement on scientific cooperation with NSC IECVM


On 13 April 2022, at the seat of NVRI, was signed the Agreement on Cooperation between the the National Scientific Center „Institute of Experimental and Clinical Veterinary Medicine”, Kharkiv, Ukraine an the Nationl Veterinary Research Institute. The aim of the agreement is to promote the mutual advancement of knowledge. The cooperation will take place in the areas of animal infectious and parasitic diseases, including zoonoses and zoonotic agents, safety of food of animal origin and feed safety issues.


The areas of cooperation will include:

I. Mobility activities: exchange of researchers and specialists for know-how sharing;

II. Joint studies within topics of common interest;

III. Applying for national and EU funded research projects;

IV.      Joint participation in other international research or training programmes;

V.        Joint meetings hosted by both sides to discuss and review cooperation plans (like joint seminars, workshops, visits, lectures, trainings and other relevant activities), to disseminate scientific knowledge both to the scientific community and to the public on issues contained in this Joint Declaration of lntent on Cooperation;

VI. Any other form of collaborative research within the scope of this Scientific Cooperation Agreement.