2022-03-30 08:11:44

2nd International Congress on Biological and Health Sciences


On 24-27 February 2022, the 2nd International Congress on Biological and Health Sciences (ICBH) took place online. About 300 participants representing 21 countries took part in the event. During the Congress, 242 oral presentations and 158 posters were presented.

The National Veterinary Research Institute was represented by scientists from the Dept. of Parasitology: Dr Maciej Kochanowski, Dr Joanna Dąbrowska, Dr Weronika Korpysa-Dzirba, Aneta Bełcik, and Małgorzata Samorek Pieróg.

During the Congress, the Commission of ICBH awarded two presentations from our Institute: „Proteomic Profiling and Functional Characterization of The Secretome of Anisakis simplex L3 Larvae’’ by Kochanowski M., Dąbrowska J., Różycki M., Sroka J., Karamon J., Bełcik A., Korpysa-Dzirba W., Cencek T., and ,,Grass Snakes (Natrix natrix) as a Reservoir of Alaria Alata and Other Parasites, as a Potential Danger for Human Health’’ by Bełcik A., Bilska-Zając E., Różycki M., Korpysa-Dzirba W., Karamon J., Kochanowski M., Cencek T.